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Love,Life and new perspectives.

It's been a while...almost a year in fact since I've posted a let me start off by apologizing for this to the small handful of you that have been checking back and say thank you for your supporting my music.  Now that's out of the way, let me catch you up on what's been happening in my life this past year... I got divorced. Okay... There's more to the story.

I was married for 18 years to an amazing person that was my friend, and my partner in life. Somewhere along the way over the past two years we grew apart. There was no affair,  nothing bad happened...just simply two people growing apart. 

She brought up the idea of separating and I was devastated for a couple of weeks then I could see why she brought it up... she was right. So I started over with nothing. Literally almost nothing just some guitars, a computer, and some camera equipment.

I gave away all my clothes and did a full do-over of life. There's something really magical about starting over.

Within all the tears, sadness...and scribblings of lyrics on singing and crying in the shower...a smile started to appear in my face again. I was completely raw, but completely real. 

I started to write a song the month after we separated and I never finished it until last week. It's called "Who do you love" As some of you may know I'm a cinematographer as well and I was filming at Martini film studios in Langley I just decided one day to play the song with my acoustic and a single mic, a TLM 103 for you gear nerds... nothing more, just live off the floor completely raw completely real.

Here it is.

The song is free on my main webpage as my way of saying thanks.  

Xo AG 

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