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REVIEW + "ONE MORE NIGHT" GETS PICKED UP by Hollywoods "Beverly Hills Ghost"

So my album "Run Away With Me" has only been out for less than a week, exclusively off my site, and already one of the tracks One More Night has been picked by the Hollywood movies Beverly Hills ghost to be used in the soundtrack to the movie!  

I am thrilled. 

If you listen to my music there's one thing that you know about me is that 90% of the songs are true stories about me and my life. 


One more night is one of the few exceptions... this song is about someone finding photographs of their partner cheating on them with a whole bunch of people that they actually know!

Horrible right? 

Although I have had a girlfriend cheat on me once when I was a kid, which was the worst, I couldn't imagine the pain of finding out your partner cheated on you with a BUNCH of people you actually know.

The story twists....instead of confronting them, they decide to use sex as a Revenge! They give this person one more night the most amazing sex they have ever had... and in the morning... they wake up alone all the photographs on the bed. 

Here is a music video that feature Chelsea Brennan doing her thing. 

As a songwriter I try and capture the best and worst emotions and moments of my life, and those around me. It's these moments that shape us into who we are in the end. 

In this case I let my mind travel from fact to fiction which ispired the song. 

I have never been the kind of person that needs peer approval to do what I love...but I must admit, it is nice to know somebody is listening.

So thanks for listening. 

 I can't wait to hear from you, and if you haven't already please download my album on my music page.

Please subscribe to keep in touch or visit me on Facebook or Instagram. 

Here is the latest review 

Thanks for reading 

Xo AG 

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