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New Single "Forest Fire" (no trees were hurt in the making of this song and video)

First of all...I am not a patient person.

Writing this song, recording it, and filming a music video has taken me a couple of months. I really wanted to do my best and try to get this one exactly how I dreamed it could be, and guess what... it's BETTER than I imagined.

Now thats not bragging, at least not about myself. I once again had the my friend Ran Pink producing this one, and through a twisted fate of social media I ended up becoming friends with guitarist, songwriter, composer and all around nice guy Mr Tom Strahle.

Tom and I connected via you tube! Social media is good!!! see!!!

Tom has worked written song with and session guitars on so many albums I would take up all my bandwidth typing, to name drop a couple, Justin Bieber , Taylor Swift... you get the idea. Anyway I feel truly blessed to have connected with Tom and we have collaborated now on 3 songs. The other 2 are coming, believe me..

Back to Forest Fire!

This song has some deep meaning to me, if you listen to the lyrics of any of my songs thats pretty obvious. I am like a teenager writing in a diary sometimes. LOL

After a whirlwind trip to LA recording with Ran at Fonogenic Studios I came home from +30 degree weather to meet up with Director and close pal Chris Fisher, who has directed every video I have done so far. The guy is a real ninja with a camera in his hands and has the creativity to make magic happen. Chis wanted to shoot this video in Banff, where it was -30.... So It was an adventure to go from LA to Banff for sure, but both beautiful places in their own right.

I landed and realized we need a guitar, we called Long and Mquade to see what they had that was CHEAP that I could use for the video and possibly burn! They just had a rental come back that was covered in blood! someone really went nuts i guess during a solo.. LOL

So they cleaned it but inside there were black dots of blood... so they could not sell it. So they sold it to me for ONE PENNY! yep!

Next we grabbed a chair and a bottle of Baileys and spent the next 4 days filming and driving. I was awestruck by the mountains and snow, I can't believe I have never been there before. Eating at gas stations and truck stop diners was a blast for a few days, but it reminded me of my 20's travelling around in a van playing guitar in my rock band.. LOL

Chris's Dad, Marcel, (middle) was with us as they were snowboarding for a few weeks before I got there and we met up with Hall of Fame ski legend Doug Robinson (far right) who let us use his Memorial Cabin to his wife for the video... it was so calm and peaceful. I chopped wood and made a fire and for a moment I felt this overwhelming sense of calmness. My back pain was gone and I was quite surprised. Later we learned his wife used the cabin for healing.

I am humbled and very grateful to everyone that has believed in me and supported my music. But there is one person that I feel I want to mention and say a massive thank you too. Her name is Barbara Sedun. Barb was from EMI Publishing and now with Socan and she has become a massive source of inspiration to me and a great coffee buddy.

The world needs more people like her.

I feel like I am just getting started.

More soon... I promise.


To hear the song and see the video

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