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Forward We Go (Music Video)

Forward We Go is a song about exactly what the title says. Moving on. Sometimes in life there are things you can't change. Although the song has hints of War and the aftermath that the families of soldiers are left with even decades later this song is now a reminder of the day of filming this video. The day I met Noesje Fisher.

My friend and Director Chris, who is the ominous "Directed by Fisher" at the end of every video, and I went back to Victoria BC Canada, where we both grew up. We didn't know each other on the island as Chris is much older than I am.

First we went to my parents house miles in from Elk Lake, country roads with deafening silence prepared us for the spiritual journey of seeing my Mother. The Yoga teaching Indian curry making Guru that she is she had already prepared home made Paneer for us. After getting a tour of her new Yoga Studio and playing her Rain stick and Ocean wave drum we went downtown Victoria to see Chris's family.

We arrive at his parents home in Oak Bay, on the beach, it was a home you instantly felt comfortable in. As proof I laid on the couch and had a nap.

There I met Noesje, Chris's stepmother, a lovely smile and beautiful glow surrounded her. I should have felt like I was in a strangers home napping on their couch, but she instantly made me feel like I had known her my entire life.

"Thats exactly where Walter died"

"He was Chris' Grandfather"

I felt a deep sense of calm laying there, and stayed there for a while as Noesje offered apple Strudel....Chris and I were looking around and we said " We have to shoot something here"

With the natural light pouring in through the west facing windows we knew this could look good. We went through the songs and decided instantly upon Forward we go. Noesje was excited and wanted to help. We had her holding the iPhone to play the song back to me. As I sang along she had to be close enough for me to hear it but out of shot at the same time. So she was trying to hide which was adorable. I tried not to laugh as she kept humming along and smiling at me as the song played.

After we finished, the video and the Strudel Chris and I went downtown shopping. I bought a nice wool sweater from a thrift shop for 20 dollars and dropped it off at the 1 hr dry cleaners. I love thrift shops. We departed the next day after visiting once more with Marcel, Chris's father, who had the coolest slippers you have ever seen.

We went back to Vancouver excited to edit this footage then I remembered, MY SWEATER! I forgot to pick it up. Noesje went down the next day and picked it up and sent it over to Vancouver. This sweater is my favourite now. Thanks Noesje.

We get ready to release the video the week before Christmas then Fisher calls me. Noesje just passed away.

I can tell you from my heart that the impact we have on other people during whatever amount of time we have on this planet is the most important thing in life. Making strangers feel comfortable around you, singing along to music, smiling, and offering strudel are all beautiful and important things. Noesje was a genuine person with a gift.

Thank you Noesje for your kindness and light you shared with everyone you met.

You're not gone.

You're still here.

I can see you when I close my eyes.


Andrew Gerard

(Click below to watch the video)

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