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Anne Heche is in my music Video!

I am still a little shocked that somehow actress Anne Heche is appearing in the music video for my new single "Falling to Pieces"

So many things had to happen for this to occur.

Let me try and give you the short story.

Oct 31rst 2011 I was in a car accident that resulted in a TBI (traumatic Brain Injury) I was used to being a full time performer and my life went from fast to 0 mph overnight.

I went through a lot of recovery time and there was a moment I felt like I was losing my mind. It was a scary time, but there is a liberating feeling that goes along with this that changed me in ways I would never have guessed.

2016 after deciding that I need to write a song about this, in hopes that someone somewhere would connect to the song and maybe help them feel like they are not alone. At one point in all our lives we will go though something like this and I am imagining that many reading this already have. People just don't talk about it, and we should.

I recorded the song with the help of LA record producer and close friend Ran Pink at his studio "Fonogenic"

Meanwhile another friend Chris Fisher hears the song and says "We are filming at an abandoned Mental Hospital, a sci-fi show called "Aftermath" come out on my lunch and I will see if we can shoot ya in this place, it's amazing!" So I head down in my car, it was really warm weather and my temp gauge on my car was reading high! but I could not miss the window of opportunity to do this so I pulled an old trick and turned on the heater and opened the windows. The gage went down but now it was hot outside and REALLY hot inside, and I was wearing a thick coat, jeans and boots and sweating bullets.

When I get, looking like a I just ran a marathon, Fisher escorts me through the set and we find a spot to film for 20 min after Fisher inhales a tuna sub I brought him since he was missing lunch...20 mins flies by and I go home and look through the video and start to edit it. I sent a clip off to Fisher, who shows it to the DP of the show, Jon Joffin, and he likes it! Enough that he invites me back out to set the next day to film more, this time a couple of PA's and grips help out! This happens 4 days in a row. 4 Tuna subs later I have enough footage from our lunch time 20 min shoots to make a really unique looking music video that captures the feeling of the track. I was really happy and grateful, but then I get a call from Fisher...

"Hey dude so you won't believe this... but the lead actress loves the song, and your voice... and would like to help by being in the video...and oh yeah... it's Anne Heche"

I stared down at my phone and something told me that this was supposed to happen. I was super excited but also felt really calm, almost as if I had had this conversation had already happened and I already knew, it was very strange.

Anne wrote her book titled "Call Me Crazy" and has shared some of her life experiences.

Was it all a coincidence or was it the Universe at work?

Either way, I hope you enjoy the song and video and thank you so much to Ran, Fisher, Anne and the Universe.



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